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*A f t e r T w i l i g h t F a l l s*

After Twilight Falls: A Twilight Series Community
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The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer

This community is here to celebrate, discuss, share, and basically fangasm over the Twilight Series written by Stephenie Meyer!
All posts Twilight related are welcome, however, if it is not Twilight related it will be deleted.

{1} Stay on topic or the post will be deleted.
{2} No Flaming. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Be kind and respectful!!
{3} Any really large posts should be put under LJ cuts and if you are going to discuss a potential spoiler, be kind to others and put it behind a LJ cut too!
{4} Anything considered "not work-safe" should be obviously identified as such.
{5} Anything Twilight related is allowed. This includes: Fanfiction, Graphics, Theories, Questions, Twilight News, Twilight Roleplay, News on Mrs. Meyer, etc and so forth...
{6} It is a breach of copyright laws to post Twilight series chapters in their entirety. Any user found posting more than a paragraph from a book will receive one warning. If done again the user will be banned.

This community is moderated by:
Age: 21
Location: USA
Website: Flintera's deviantART